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This is a list of the past webinars the Central Ohio Section of ASCE has hosted. 

Please check this list if you are proposing to host a webinar. We generally do not like to repeat webinars within a range of four years.

Date Webinar title Location
3/4/2019 Best Practices in Subsurface Investigations and Soil and Rock Testing Intertek - PSI
12/18/2018 Design of Slab On Grade For Light Buildings On Shrink Swell Soils S&ME
12/14/2018 Connected Vehicles, Smarter Cities, & Modern Signal Timing Korda
12/12/2018 Design Snow Loads For Solar Paneled Roofs WD Partners
11/27/2018 Installation, Design and Performance of Prefabricated Drains Resource
10/25/2018 Geosynthetics Used In Roads Resource
6/19/2018 Permeable Pavements Lessons Learned Korda
5/17/2018 Installation, Verification and Application of Driven Piles S&ME
5/7/2018 Design of Ground Anchors and Anchored Wall Systems Resource
3/1/2018 Envision Rating System Korda
12/13/2017 Changes in the 8th edition AASHTO LRFD Steel Specifications ELR
11/28/2017 Flexible & Rigid Pavement Design Korda
10/5/2017 Improving Walkability At Signalized Intersections With Control Strategies Resource
9/27/2017 Underground BMPs: Alternatives For Highly Developed And High Value Sites Korda
7/5/2017 Design Of Restrained Joints For Pressure Pipes Structurepoint
5/19/2017 Geomembranes For Surface Impoundments S&ME
4/17/2017 Effect Of Fill Soil Structures On Subsurface Utilities And Adjacent Structures ELR
3/21/2017 Traffic Signal Design Korda
3/8/2017 Rain Gardens and Bioretention Facilities Structurepoint
1/19/2017 Detention Pond Outlet Structures Korda
12/5/2016 Details for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls: Good Practices S&ME
11/2/2016 The Road Safety and Signage Audit Korda
11/1/2016 Advanced Culvert Hydraulics with HEC-RAS Stantec
9/12/2016 Induced Ground Deformations on Deep Foundations Resource
8/25/2016 Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Assessment Studies Korda
6/27/2016 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System Korda
6/15/2016 Introduction to Rock Mechanics S&ME
6/2/2016 Introduction to Jet Grouting ELR
3/11/2016 Geotechnical Investigations in Karst S&ME
3/9/2016 Designing and Implementing Separated Bikeways Burgess & Niple
2/22/2016 Selected Topics Regarding Geosynthetic Clay Liners S&ME
2/12/2016 Using HEC-RAS 5.0 for a Coupled 1D/2D Analysis Stantec
12/2/2015 Modeling, Design, 3-D Printing of Multiscale Materials and Structures Structurepoint
11/9/2015 Redeveloping Roadways for the Urban Core within Constrained Right-of-Ways Korda
8/6/2015 The Seismic Coefficient Method for Slope and Retaining Wall Design ELR
7/24/2015 How to Review a Lift Plan Korda
5/12/2015 Next Generation Street and Traffic Control Device Design for Central Business Districts and Town Centers Burgess & Niple
5/5/2015 Complete Streets: State of the Practice Korda
4/15/2015 Recycled Base Aggregates in Pavement Applications Dynotec
3/30/2015 Dynamically Loaded Machine and Equipment Foundations - A Design Primer ELR
3/3/2015 Floodplain Mapping Using HEC-GeoRAS and RAS Mapper S&ME
2/27/2015 Calculation and Use of Time of Concentration Stantec
2/10/2015 Sustainable Transformation/Rehabilitation of an Urban Corridor Burgess & Niple
2/10/2015 Deterioration and Repair of Concrete WD Partners
1/23/2014 Design of Foundations for Equipment Support ELR
1/8/2015 Underpinning and Strengthening of Foundations WD Partners
12/2/2014 LRFD Earth Retaining Structures: Cut Walls Korda
11/17/2014 LRFD Earth Retaining Structures: Fill Walls Korda
9/29/2014 Innovative Bicycle Facility Treatments Korda
6/30/2014 LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features - Micropile Foundations ELR
6/26/2014 Permeable Pavement Design Korda
6/19/2014 Modern Roundabouts: The Geometric Aspects Korda
6/16/2014 Creating Design Storms for Rainfall-Runoff Models WD Partners
4/23/2014 Practical Design of Bolted and Welded Steel Connections ELR
4/21/2014 Stormwater Infiltration Basin Design - Design Consideration and Example Projects ELR
4/7/2014 LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features: Deep Foundations: Lateral Analysis ELR
3/28/2014 Road Diets Korda
2/28/2014 Green Infrastructure Mapping and Modeling Tools for CSO and Stormwater Management Prime
1/31/2014 Radar Rainfall Estimation for Modeling and Design Stantec
1/14/2014 Design of Geomembranes for Surface Impoundments S&ME
12/20/2013 LRFD Best Practices in Subsurface Investigations and Soil and Rock Testing S&ME
12/12/2013 Design of Anchor Bolts ELR
10/21/2013 Lateral Bracing of Flexural Members ELR
9/24/2013 Geosynthetic Reinforced Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls Korda
6/18/2013 Designing Water Balance Covers (ET Covers) for Landfills and Waste Containment Hull
5/17/2013 Modern Roundabouts - The Geometric Aspects Franklin County Engineer
5/6/2013 Deterioration and Repair of Concrete Korda
4/15/2013 Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Geotechnical Engineering Features: Drilled Shaft Foundations ELR
3/12/2013 Stormwater BMPs: What Works, What Doesn't and What About Maintenance Korda

Past Webinars