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President's Report

Central Ohio  Section Members:

Christopher Nye

I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable. I greatly enjoyed having my family gather in Columbus this year. Now that my children have grown and left the nest, I savor the opportunities to have everyone together again. One thing I am thankful for is this great organization, ASCE, and the wonderful, supportive engineers that are a part of it.

And thanks go out to Mr. Chad Ratkovich with Beaver Excavating for an interesting presentation on the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway. We tried out a new venue for us on the south side of town, at the Hampton Inn Scioto Downs. Since the hotel does not have any food service, City BBQ catering provided some delicious barbecue. I think we will keep this location on our list of venues.

The end of the year is fast approaching. Do you still need a few PDHs? The ASCE webinars are a great way to get an hour or two. Our section is hosting quite a few coming up in December to help you out. We pay the registration fee and then have one of our members host the presentation at their company office. Any section member that wishes to attend can register and earn some free professional development hours.

Imagine traveling to Chicago in less than half an hour. That's the vision for Hyperloop. Come to our December luncheon and hear more about it.

Finally, here is a sneak peek at some of the things we have planned for you. Hayward Baker is performing some jet grouting at the Ohio State University. We are trying to arrange a field trip to see it in January. The big STEM Expo is set for March 2, 2019, and volunteer and sponsorship requests should be going out soon. And we have some plans for a fun recreational event for early next year. We'll keep you posted.

Peter Narsavage, P.E.
President – ASCE Central Ohio Section
[email protected]


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Lunch Meeting

December Luncheon - hyperloop

December 20, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Deadline for registration is December 16 at 4:00 PM

The Boat House at Confluence Park
679 W. Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Registration will begin at 11:30 AM. Lunch program to begin at 12:00 PM. Deadline for registration is December 16 at 4:00 PM. 

Hyperloop Image

About the Presentation

Hyperloop Midwest Connect Initiative - Imagine traveling to Chicago or Pittsburgh from the Columbus Region in less than 30 minutes. That possibility is what MORPC is exploring as part of the Hyperloop Initiative – Midwest Connect. Together with the Columbus Partnership and numerous partners, the proposed route would link the three cities through construction of a Hyperloop system. The Midwest Connect corridor proposal was named one of ten winners in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge in September 2017. This challenge attracted Hyperloop corridor proposals from 2,600 registrants in more than 100 countries across the globe. MORPC now has the opportunity to work with Virgin Hyperloop One to study the feasibility of bringing its Hyperloop technology to Central Ohio and the Midwest.

Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation that moves freight and people quickly and safely. Passengers or cargo are loaded into the Hyperloop pod vehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The pod quickly lifts above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances. Hyperloop systems will be built on columns or tunneled below ground.


Thea Walsh, Director of Transportation Systems & Funding — Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)

Thea Walsh leads the transportation planning efforts for both the agency’s Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Rural Planning Organization. Her office is responsible for more than $60 million in capital support for planned infrastructure and transit projects annually. She is proud to work with a team of top-notch professional planners, engineers, modelers and administrators on the Transportation Systems and Funding team. Her team is performance focused to innovate for improved transportation demand reliability on behalf of Central Ohio residents, visitors, and businesses into the future.

Walsh is a 15-year public servant focused on transportation, economic development and community planning, and she has worked at county, regional, and state levels of government. She is the current treasurer for Clean Fuels Ohio and is a member of the Columbus Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar. She is also a National Development Council Certified Economic Development Finance Professional, certified member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a member of the Association of Ohio Commodores. In 2017, Walsh was selected by Columbus Business First as one of the Forty Under 40 Honorees for being a young “mover and shaker” in the Central Ohio community.

She is a proud, life-long resident of the buckeye state with a BA in public administration and urban and regional planning from Miami University and a Master of Public Administration from Wright State University.


Traditional Lunch Buffet - Garden and Asian Chicken salads, Chicken Saltimbocca and Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Pepper Potato Ann and Vegetable Medley with drinks and desert.

CPD Hours

A certificate for one (1) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour will be issued at the conclusion of the program.


$20.00 ASCE member

$15.00 ASCE life member

$10.00 ASCE student

Walk-ins may not be accepted but will be charged $30 if meals are available.




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Engineering Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for that Engineer in your life? Well, here's the perfect opportunity to give them something they never knew they wanted. The 2018 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University is filled with fun toys, games, books, and applications to engage girls and boys ages 3-18 in engineering thinking and design.Toys included promote engineering practices ranging from coding and spatial reasoning to problem solving and critical thinking.




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Social Media

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   The Central Ohio Section is partnering with ASCE to promote live and on-demand webinars. Use the Promo Code WEBCENOHSEC when signing up and ASCE will provide a portion of the registration fee to the Section to use toward more free webinars. Thank you for your support! ASCE’s live webinars provide cost-effective training for large and small groups. Click HERE for a complete list of available live webinars. ASCE’s on-demand webinars provide real-world knowledge and convenient delivery to fit your demanding schedule. Click HERE for a complete list of available on-demand webinars.


December 14 - Connected Vehicles, Smarter Cities, & Modern Signal Timing - Register Now

INSTRUCTOR: Peter Koonce, P.E.

Purpose and Background
Recent advances in traffic signal system technology have led agencies to modify practices and adopt new ways of managing traffic. Traffic signals and the accompanying equipment enable more effective transportation solutions than the industry has seen in the past. The 2nd Edition of the Traffic Signal Timing Manual (STM2) has an increased focus on signal system users and their priorities. In addition to the STM2, there are state DOT manuals and other guidance materials that are changing the way engineers are managing the transportation system. Current signal timing models tend to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to signal timing, which often leads to the incorrect assumption that the model provides the optimum solution. A traffic analyst simply inputs the data required by the model, hits the optimize button, and gives the optimized results to the appropriate person for implementation. The results largely reflect the model's priorities (generally some version of vehicle delay) for system users, which may or may not fit the needs of the actual operating environment or users (including pedestrians, bicycles, and transit). New technology and data (for instance Google Traffic), put a variety of tools in the hands of engineers to solve problems. 

To this end, the use of an outcome based approach to signal timing allows the practitioner to develop signal timing based on the operating environment, users, user priorities by movement, and local operational objectives. Performance measures are then used to assess how well the objectives are being met. Once the objectives and performance measures are established, timing strategies and timing values can be chosen. The final steps of the process involve implementation and observation (i.e., determining if the timing strategies and values are working), as well as sustaining operations that meet the operational objectives through monitoring and maintenance. This webinar familiarizes transportation engineers/planners with the newest innovations in traffic signal timing. The presenter of the webinar discusses recent developments in available design guidance and considerations when designing signal timing and monitoring transportation system performance.

Primary Discussion Topics

  • Overview of traffic signal timing concepts
  • Emerging technology and how it can be incorporated into engineering design
  • Innovative signal timing treatments and measurements
  • Examples where unique signal timing strategies have been applied, measured, and managed



December 18 - Design of Slab on Grade for Light Buildings on Shrink Swell Soils - Register Now

INSTRUCTOR:  Jean-Louis Briaud, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Dist.M.ASCE

Purpose and Background

The damage to houses built on shrink swell soils has been reported as being the most expensive disaster in the USA ahead of floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. While nobody dies, the structure deforms and cracks and the repairs can be very expensive. The best solution is to design a foundation which is stiff enough that the soil can deform while the deformation of the structure is limited to an acceptable level. In addition to this certain measures including good drainage will minimize the soil movement.

There are several types of foundation which are commonly used, some are good and some are bad. The good ones include the stiffened slab on grade for lighter structures and the elevated structural slab on piles for taller structures. The bad ones include the slab on grade and on piles and the thin flexible slabs. The stiffened slab on grade is the most economical foundation solution for houses on shrink swell soils.

This webinar presents a new design method developed at Texas A&M University over the last 15 years for stiffened slabs on grade. It includes the methodology to arrive at the final method, the design charts and how to use them, an example foundation design, a monitored case history, and an Excel spreadsheet to automate the design process. Participants will receive the Excel spreadsheet as part of the webinar.

Primary Discussion Topics

  • Houses on shrink swell soils
  • Shrink swell soils behavior
  • House foundations solutions
  • Design example
  • Case history
  • Dos and Don'ts for good house maintenance

*The Central Ohio Section is partnering with ASCE to promote live and on-demand webinars. Use the Promo Code WEBCENOHSEC when signing up and ASCE will provide a portion of the registration fee to the Section to use toward more free webinars. Thank you for your support!


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Save the Date

Join us for a rousing game of laser tag at GPK Indoor Entertainment!  

Who: Joint ASCE main section and ASCE Younger Member event

When: January 12, 2019 @ 7pm - 9pm

Why: Excellent opportunity to meet and greet with board members and younger members alike

Where: GPK Indoor Entertainment

Space is limited to 20 participants so reserve your spot now, more information to come!

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Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Group Location Coordinator
November 15, 2018
ODOT Portsmouth Bypass ASCE Hampton Inn Scioto Downs Brooks Vogel
December 20, 2018
Hyperloop ASCE Boathouse at Confluence Park Brooks Vogel
January 24, 2019
Engineers Without Borders &
OSU/OU Student Presentations
ASCE/EWB OSU Fawcett Center Dave Pritchard
February 21, 2019
Engineers Week Luncheon All TBD E-Week Committee
Sat. March 2, 2018 ASCE Central Ohio STEM Expo All Whitehall HS ASCE
March 21, 2019
ASCE National President-Elect ASCE TBD Brooks Vogel
April 18, 2019
TBD ASCE TBD Brooks Vogel
April/May, 2019 Spring Technical Seminar ASCE TBD Jon Sterenberg
May 23, 2018
TBD ASCE TBD Brooks Vogel
June, 2019
Planning Meeting All TBD Jon Sterenberg
June 21, 2018
Day Event
23rd Annual Golf Outing ASCE Darby Creek Golf Course Jim Pajk


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