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2020 December Newsletter Print

President's Message

Central Ohio  Section:

We had another great luncheon in November with Andrew Woolpert presenting to the virtual attendees an update on the Smart Columbus Initiative. If you weren't able to make it to the virtual luncheon don't worry. We are pleased to announce that we have started a YouTube channel and are posting recordings of luncheons to the channel. The channel is simply called Central Ohio ASCE. You can connect to our YouTube channel on the Central Ohio Section website by clicking the  icon on the homepage. We encourage you to subscribe and watch for us to add more content from future luncheons.

We are preparing for our virtual December Luncheon on Thursday, December 17 which will feature speakers from the City of Columbus Division of Water, Division of Sewerage and Drainage, and Recreation and Parks Department. The speakers will be providing an update on each respective department with summaries of work completed in 2020, initiatives, and future projects. If you haven't done so already, please register today for what should be a very informative virtual luncheon. 

I would like to close by wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. While so much of this past year has been "different," "new," and "unprecedented" I am reminded during the holiday season that so much remains the same. These include the importance of family, friends, and community in our lives. This has never been more evident to me than during 2020 where these groups have provided a sense of balance in unstable times. Though the events that surround the holidays may look different for all of us, the balance that some version of these events and people can provide to is unchanged. I plan to focus on these things as we close 2020 and as we look forward to 2021.

On behalf of the entire Central Ohio ASCE community, I would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your 2020 and we look forward to continuing to be a part of your community in 2021 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


H. Patrick Karnes, P.E., ENV SP

President – ASCE Central Ohio Section
[email protected]
[email protected]
Phone: 614-835-0460


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Lunch Meeting

Central Ohio ASCE

December ASCE Luncheon


December 17, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


$10.00 Guest (not an ASCE member)

$0.00 ASCE member


Virtual Meeting




The virtual room will open at approximately 11:45 AM. The presentation will begin at 12:00 PM. Deadline for registration is December 16, 2020 at 5:00 pm. Registration is required. Contact   


Officals from the City of Columbus Division of Sewerage and Drainage, Division of Water, and Recreation and Parks Department will provide attendees with an update on each of their respective departments. The presentation will discuss initiatives, work completed in 2020, and projects planned in the coming year.



Tim Huffman is the Manager of the Distribution Engineering Section for the City of Columbus, Division of Water. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Ohio and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio University. He worked 6 years as an engineering consult designing and managing various private and public projects. In 2003, Tim moved to the public sector and became employed by the City of Dublin.  In 2006, Tim moved to the City of Columbus, Division of Water. Tim has managed projects varying from water line replacement to booster station and water storage tank construction.  In 2014, he was promoted to the Manager of the Distribution Engineering Section where he is responsible for the CIP, planning, and operations of the distribution system.  


Rob Priestas currently serves as the Assistant Administrator of the Division of Sewerage and Drainage (DOSD) within Department of Public Utilities, City of Columbus. Rob’s responsibilities include assisting with the management of the City’s two wastewater treatment plants, biosolids compost facility, sewer maintenance operation center, pretreatment program, stormwater regulatory compliance, and all stormwater and wastewater engineering functions. The Division consists of approximately 450 employees with annual operating budget exceeding $270 million including capital debt service, maintenance, and operations. 


Jim Miller is a Public Servant and Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience working in the private and public sectors. The first half of his career was spent in the private sector delivering projects that required a technical focus on construction management, bridge, roadway, and traffic engineering.  In 2008, Jim entered the Public Sector and is now the Section Manger of the Design and Construction Section for the City’s Recreation and Parks Department. The Department’s mission, To connect people through the power of Nature, Wellness, and Creativity is partly facilitated by 29 community centers, 5 athletic complexes, 6 golf courses, 8 pools, 6 splash pads, over 130 miles of regional trails, 14 Nature Preserves, 1, soon to be 3 skate parks, and over 370 parks all on over 8,200 acres of land. While keeping Customer Service a focus, to facilitate, maintain, and sustain such a large cross section of public amenities, Jim's section oversees, Architects, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers and various trades to accommodate the needs of the City.


A certificate for one (1) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour will be issued at the conclusion of the program.


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Member Highlight

Has anyone ever told you to build your professional brand and you had no idea what that meant or how to do it? Your professional brand is who you are in the professional world – both online and in person.

The online version of you is extremely important. Have you Googled yourself lately? What are the first search and image results? Are these things that you want potential employers or clients to see?

Here are some key points for building your online professional brand:

  • Keep your personal social media profiles private. Lock down your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles so that only the people that you want to see your profiles can. This also applies after you’ve gotten a new job. It may be tempting to add your new coworkers on social media, so keep in mind that they can see everything your other friends/followers can see.
  • Build up your LinkedIn profile. Get a professional photo and keep your job experience updated with descriptions for each position. Humble-brag on your work by posting photos and links to completed projects on your LinkedIn page. Everything you do on LinkedIn lends to the version of you that others see.

Before COVID-19, your real-life brand was just as important as your online image, so here are some key points for your in-person brand, assuming life will get back to normal eventually.

  • Be confident and courageous and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know – I cannot stress this enough. Go to meetings and events. Ask questions. Volunteer for leadership positions in your local ASCE Section or Branch. Volunteer for projects that will provide you with new experience or introduce you to a new client.
  • Always dress and act professionally in meetings, at events and especially during interviews. This applies to the virtual meetings too. It may seem weird to put on a button-up and blazer while sitting on your couch, but going to a virtual interview in your pajamas is a quick way not to get a new position at your dream company. Besides, getting up and getting dressed has been proven to increase productivity while working at home.
  • Develop a diverse professional network. This includes people outside your immediate team at your office, people from other companies, clients and peers of various experience levels.

Most importantly, your professional brand is about you.

Who do you want to be in your career?

Maegan Nunley is the founder, president and chief engineer of Luna Engineering, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in hydrology and hydraulics. She also serves as second vice-president for ASCE’s Central Ohio Section and previously served as a committee chair for the ASCE Houston Branch Younger Member Forum.

Luna Engineering Website 

Luna Engineering on Facebook

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Engineering Gift Guide

The 2020 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University is filled with fun toys, games, puzzles, and books to engage children and teens, ages 10 months-to-18 in engineering thinking and design. Items included in the guide go through an extensive review process led by a student team. Researchers look for items that promote engineering practices ranging from coding and spatial reasoning to problem solving and critical thinking.

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Social Media

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Meeting Schedule

Month Topic Organizations Presenter Location
Thursday, August 20, 2020 ODOT South Mega Fix  ASCE & ASHE Steve Fellinger (ODOT) & Randy McClellan (JMT).  Virtual 
Thursday, September 17, 2020 OEMA - Emergency Management  ASCE  Steve Ferryman Virtual 
Thursday, October 22, 2020 Westerville Uptown Improvement Project  ASCE TBA  TBA
Thursday, November 19, 2019 Smart Columbus ASCE  Mandy Bishop & Andy Wolpert (COC Smart Columbus)  TBA
 TBD January 2021 Dinner Meeting-Student Chapters - (OSU) ASCE TBD TBD
TBD February, 2021 E-Week All


Thursday, March 18, 2021 Ethics Topics ASCE Dean Ringle  TBD
Thursday, April 15, 2021 Crew Stadium Virtual Tour  ASCE, SEAoO, WTS & PR TBD Virtual 
Thursday, May 20, 2021 Awards Luncheon  ASCE  TBA TBA

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