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Free Webinar - Design of Ground Anchors and Anchored Wall Systems

May 07, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Resource International
6350 Presidential Gateway
Columbus, OH 43231

  • Offered for free to Central Ohio Section ASCE Members
  • Seating is limited to the first 25 people
  • Bring your own lunch


Purpose and Background

This webinar concentrates on ground anchors and ground anchor cut walls (top down construction). Ground anchors have a wide range of applications and encompass a diverse range of wall families including sheet pile, post and panel, H-pile and lagging, slurry and soil mix. These walls resist lateral earth and water pressures through their structural stiffness and anchorages (ground anchors). The LRFD platform offers a rational framework for selection, design and construction of different anchored wall types. The webinar will use the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) LRFD Bridge and Structures Specifications as a basis for the technical content. Applicable articles within the current specification include Sections 11, 10 and 3 of the 6th Edition (2012) of AASHTO LRFD Specifications.

It is assumed that webinar participants have a basic working knowledge of design and construction of ground anchors and ground anchor cut retaining walls including fundamental aspects of earth pressure theories and earth pressure diagrams. The webinar will include discussions on the terminology and types of anchor walls, lateral earth pressure designs for ground anchor walls, applicable load factors, use of minimum and maximum load factors for permanent loads, permanent and transient surcharge loads, identification of limit states and resistance factors, pressure surfaces for geotechnical and structural analysis, and consideration of extreme event limits state such as scour and seismic events. Detailed information on ground anchors, their application and construction, the design and construction of ground anchor walls in the context of limit states and general concepts will be presented.

Learning Outcomes

The webinar will help you perform the selection, design and construction of ground anchors and ground anchor wall systems using the LRFD approach.

Webinar Benefits

  • Learn basics of LRFD based analysis of ground anchors and ground anchor retaining walls
  • Continue building on the knowledge gained from previous LRFD webinars
  • Examine the possibilities and benefits of improved communications between geotechnical, structural specialists and contractors for ground anchor wall design and construction


Intended Audience

This webinar will benefit geotechnical and structural specialists as well as general civil engineering specialists involved in the selection, design and construction of ground anchors and ground anchor cut walls. General and specialty wall contractors and material suppliers will also benefit from the webinar. Basic knowledge of geotechnical principles, LRFD and earth pressure concepts and theories is a prerequisite. The webinar will benefit professionals with 0-30 years of practical experience in selection, analysis/ design and construction of ground anchor earth retaining structures.

Webinar Outline

  • Terminology and types of ground anchor walls
  • Lateral earth pressures
  • Consideration of surcharges
  • Loads and load factors
  • Recommended construction practice and the relationship between design and construction of ground anchors and ground anchor walls
  • Failure modes and limit states for strength, service and extreme event loading conditions


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